Surrey, BC Courier Services

As one of the biggest cities in British Columbia, Surrey is a vibrant community with residents from all over the world. Many of the Lower Mainland’s residents are proud to call Surrey home; with beautiful parks and Crescent Beach, as well as delicious global cuisines, it is a wonderful place to live.

Zip Courier has proudly been providing courier services in Surrey for over a decade; whether you live or work in Surrey, you don’t want to take up any extra time in shipping important documents and packages. This is why we provide efficient deliveries to and from Surrey from anywhere in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. You deserve convenience while you’re going about your daily life.

Some of the services that Zip Courier provides for those in Surrey include:

  • Same Day Delivery, to ensure that your package is exactly where it needs to be on time.
  • Dangerous Goods Shipping. Our drivers are trained in the shipment of dangerous goods; the safety of your package and the recipient are of utmost importance to us.
  • Large load shipping with Zip Freight. Our freight shipping options are excellent for larger deliveries that you need shipped quickly and with the utmost care.

Contact Zip Courier today; you can contact us here or call us at (604) 549-0404. We are looking forward to helping you!

A Zip Courier driver stands proudly next to our courier truck. Contact us for courier services and freight shipping to, from, and within Surrey, BC.