Same Day Courier Service in Vancouver

Same day delivery is our Niche.

Zip Courier has been providing same day delivery options since 2004, we are a leading provider of same day courier and freight services in the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley.

We provide the following Same Day services:

  • Regular 4-5 hour delivery
  • Rush 2-3 hour delivery
  • Hot 1-2 delivery
  • Super Hot direct delivery
  • Overnight- Next day delivery

We also provide local charter services, bank deposits, mail pick up etc.

Fast & Friendly Local Courier & Freight Services

Our local messenger fleet consists of approximately 35 vehicles ranging in size from cars to full-size vans, all drivers are uniformed and carry company issued ID.

Drivers start from home so we have excellent coverage from the moment we open for business every day.

Our truck fleet consists of approximately 15 trucks ranging in size from 1 ton to 5 ton (max GVW 14500 kgs), all trucks are refrigerated and can carry dry, fresh or frozen product. All trucks have power tailgates and most are equipped with power jacks.

We have drivers certified in TDG (transportation of Dangerous Goods) on both our messenger and truck fleets

We proudly subsidize clean, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Drivers are bonded and fully insured.

While I found the online platform of ZIP efficient and easy to use and the fact that these guys are quite reliable, it has been the few times I’ve been in a pinch and needed a pick up delivery that ZIP has really impressed me. Our shipping costs are an important part of our business for our clients; the fact that zip is very competitive and are effective on the time sensitive deliveries is a big reason for why we use them without hesitation.

Trevor Shoaf, Director of Sales Pioneer Distributors Ltd