Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t have an account with Zip Courier, can I still use your service?
A. Yes! We accept Visa, MasterCard. American Express, cash or company cheque.

Q. How do I open a direct billing account, and how long does it take?
A. You can set up an account by clicking here; it generally takes 1-3 days to set an account up. We accept all types of payment including direct deposit for payment of the account.

Q. Can I set up a Zip online account and still call in an order when I am not at my computer?
A. Yes, you can. You can view and track all orders assigned to your account whether they are placed online, set up as a scheduled order or called into our dispatch office.

Q. Can I place an order online after hours?
A. Yes, you can place an order after hours. However, hours of service are based on our office hours so if you place an order at 11 pm, for example, the start time of the delivery will be considered to be 7:30 am the next day.

Q. What are your hours for delivery?
A. Our office hours are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. However, we do have drivers on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. After-hours orders must be pre-booked within regular business hours. When placing a call, please provide us with the hours of operation for the shipper and receiver.

Q. How late can I call for a same-day delivery?
A. For same-day delivery, our call-in cut off times are as follows:

  • Direct: 5:00pm
  • Hot Services: 4:00 pm
  • Rush Service: 3:00 pm
  • Regular Service: 1:00 pm

The above cut-off times apply to the white area of our service map. Please see our services page for more info on cut-off times and delivery standards.

Q. How do you charge for bulky shipments?
A. Bulky shipments are rated at 15 pounds per cubic foot. To calculate the weight of a bulky shipment, multiply the Width x Height x Length in inches and then divide by 115. This will give you the weight in pounds.

Q. I sent a shipment to a customer but they closed early today, what happens now?
A. If a place is closed when our driver attempts to deliver, we can be given authorization to leave the goods outside or to mail slot the delivery if it is a document. If we arrive at a location and the company is closed, we will call for further instructions. We can hold the delivery for a second attempt or return it if we are not given permission to leave or mail slot.

Q. What happens if the driver arrives for the pickup and the shipment isn’t ready?
A. If our courier arrives and the pickup will not be ready within 5 minutes, we will contact the customer for instructions. We can either come back when the delivery is ready and there will be a minimum charge for a no pick up (half of the regular rate) on the original order or the driver can wait. If the customer requests the driver to wait, there is a charge depending on the vehicle required to do the delivery.

Q. I have an urgent delivery, can you send the driver right away while I finish putting it together?
A. We can send a driver immediately and wait for the shipment to be ready. Our standard waiting time charge will be added to the delivery.

Q. What happens if I give you the wrong address?
A. If we are given a wrong address, we will contact the customer for the re-direction of the delivery. If there is no other address, then the shipment will be returned to the customer.

Q. I have a Dangerous Goods shipment can you accommodate this? And is there a surcharge?
A. Yes, we have drivers trained in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods as required by Transport Canada. We do NOT charge a surcharge for delivery of dangerous goods. As required by Transport Canada, it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide the proper documentation and placards if applicable

Q. Do you provide COD Service?
A. Yes, we do provide COD service for any customers that require this service; there is a $5.50 charge for COD along with a return delivery charge.

Q. How do you calculate your fuel surcharge?
A. FSC is calculated based on the following graph. Rate is calculated using the previous month’s fuel prices (diesel and unleaded gas) as provided by MJ Irvin & associates and adjusted monthly.

Fuel price Fuel Surcharge
$1.11 – $1.15: 12%
$1.16 – $1.20: 13%
$1.21 – $1.25: 14%
$1.26 – $1.31: 15%
$1.32 – $1.37: 16%
$1.38 – $1.43: 17%
$1.44 – $1.49: 18%
$1.50 – $1.56: 19%
$1.57 – $1.63: 20%
$1.64 – $1.69: 21%

$1.70 – $1.75: 22%
$1.76 – $1.81: 23%
$1.82 – $1.87: 24%
$1.88 – $1.93: 25%
$1.94 – $1.99: 26%
$2.00 – $2.05: 27%
$2.06 – $2.11: 28%


Q. How can I get proof of delivery (POD)?
A. If you are an online customer, you can view the order under ‘Order Tracking’ and in most cases, the signature and name of the person who signed will be visible. In the rare case that the POD is not available online, please call our office at 604-549-0404 and we will be pleased to fax or email a copy of the waybill.

Q. Do you offer electronic billing?
A. Yes, please contact us here. You can either view your invoices or statements online or we can email them to you.

Delay and Limitation of Liability
Unless specifically agreed to in writing prior to the shipment, the carrier will not:
1. Be liable for any special, consequential or other damages caused by mere delay in the delivery of a shipment, regardless of the cause of such delay, delivery times for all levels of service are not guaranteed and will vary with delivery distance, road and weather conditions.
2. Be liable in excess of the declared value or $500.00 whichever is less for any and all damages.
3. Transport any documents or goods declared to have value in excess of $500.00.
Maximum liability $2 per pound unless otherwise declared.
4. No claim shall be recognized for fragile commodities such as glass, ceramics, delicate instruments, plants and perishables unless the value is declared and the item is packaged properly