Dedicated Courier & Freight Services

Here at Zip Courier, we are dedicated to providing quality service and creating delivery solutions for your business. We offer dedicated courier and freight services for clients to better serve your budget and timeline.

A dedicated courier is well exactly as it sounds! When you choose to use this service, you will be given an assigned driver and a suitable vehicle to transport your items at an inclusive rate. Using dedicated services is one of the safest and most efficient ways to transport items as this driver is only working and transporting for you.

Main Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Freight and Courier Services

  • Efficiency: Having a dedicated courier reduces the number of stops made and loading time, as there are no other clients who will be sharing your time or space.
  • Safety: Having only your items transported reduces the risk of any damage that may occur when dealing with multiple clients at once.

As mentioned, we offer an all-inclusive rate or some of our clients are better suited for a flat rate per delivery. If you would like to learn more information about our dedicated services, please reach out by filling out a contact form here, or by calling us at 604-549-0404.

While I found the online platform of ZIP efficient and easy to use and the fact that these guys are quite reliable, it has been the few times I’ve been in a pinch and needed a pick up delivery that ZIP has really impressed me. Our shipping costs are an important part of our business for our clients; the fact that zip is very competitive and are effective on the time sensitive deliveries is a big reason for why we use them without hesitation.

Trevor Shoaf, Director of Sales Pioneer Distributors Ltd