Dedicated Courier & Freight Services

Zip Courier provides Dedicated Services. Dedicated service means we will supply you with a driver and a suitable vehicle at an all inclusive rate. We have many clients who use our Dedicated Services on a daily basis, some clients are charged a ‘flat rate’ per delivery while others are charged an all inclusive rate by the hour.

Give us a call or email today to see how Zip can help you. 604-549-0404

While I found the online platform of ZIP efficient and easy to use and the fact that these guys are quite reliable, it has been the few times I’ve been in a pinch and needed a pick up delivery that ZIP has really impressed me. Our shipping costs are an important part of our business for our clients; the fact that zip is very competitive and are effective on the time sensitive deliveries is a big reason for why we use them without hesitation.

Trevor Shoaf, Director of Sales Pioneer Distributors Ltd